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Sculptures made by

Herman Permentier

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GROEPSTENTOONSTELLING met o.a. Herman Permentier: Keldermansvest 91 Mechelen
4-5 en 11-12 oktober 2008 tussen 14u en 18u
Feestelijke opening op zaterdag 4 oktober om 13u"Gewone huizen worden omgetoverd tot schouwtonelen, waar de bezoeker in alle rust een verscheidenheid van creatief talent kan bewonderen. Alles beperkt zich tot een gezellige woonkern, zodat men niet gedoemd is om per fiets of wagen vele kilometers af te leggen om alle exposities te kunnen zien. Oudere kunstenaars werken samen met jongere, minder bekende artiesten, om samen een variŽrend schouwspel te bieden

I am honoured to help promote a man who can create such

lasting beauty from stone. David Jackson / Van der Graaf generator.

Your sculptures are mindblowingly wonderful!: Nic Potter/ VDGG

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BEK (o.a: Viona westra) organiseert nieuwe tentoonstelling Lovenjoel 28 sep & 5 sep zie

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MY SPACE Mad curry drummerEdouard Gabriel :









Mad Curry was founded in 1970 in Leuven, Belgium. They disbanded after only a year leaving a legendary album and a single, which both sell for high prices these days. Itís hard to describe their music, but that other legendary band VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR with Peter Hammill is a good reference and not only because they both had the same remarkable line-up: sax, organ, bass, drums and both had a phenomenal lead singer. Other references are Soft machine, Colosseum etc. Shall we call this progressive jazz-rock ? You can listen to some mp3 tracks on this site.

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On hp.sculptures some works Iíve made asa sculptor.

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On the††† Van der graaf generator†† /†† Peter Hammill

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Herman Permentier, Belgium July 2004.

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