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Mad Curry was a Belgian band which had this remarkable line-up for a rock band: Sax, organ, bass, drums and vocals. No guitar appeared in their ranks. Their sound can be described as ‘progressive jazz rock

The band was founded in early 1970 during one of the countless jam sessions held in Leuven, a Belgian university city once called the Liverpool of Belgium.

Before Mad Curry ( - 1970 )

Eddy Verdonck and Jean Vandooren had played together as rhythm section since they were 16.

Danny Rousseau has a degree in music and writes fluently paper music scores. He played together with Jean Vandooren and Eddy  Verdonck in CTS, a band that recorded a live album. However after trouble with their manager the LP stayed unreleased and CTS called it a day.

Viona Westra recorded one single before Mad Curry as a result of being chosen in ‘Ontdek de ster’ a television contest on Belgium TV. She also sang in some blues bands.

Giorgio Chitschenko came from the Belgium jazz scene. He also has a degree with a first prize in music at conservatory.


Mad Curry

They gave up their studies and jobs to rehearse intensely behind closed doors for 6 months, before they played their first gig. Meantime they invited Bob Leonard at a concert in an Antwerp youth club. He was so impressed he & Louis De Vries offered a contract.  Louis De vries  was active with ‘underground’ bands, and who even organized the first Belgium Pink Floyd gig in a local Antwerp café. He was also manager for Pebbles, Irish coffee, Ferre Grignard, Louisette, etc. Later he became ‘famous’ for being a football manager!

The first release was a 7" single with the tracks: ‘Antwerp’ regarded as their most commercial track and ‘Song for Cathreen’ a song written by Giorgio Chitschenko & Viona Westra and dedicated to Giorgio’s then new-born daughter Katrien.

A few months later an album was released on the Pirate label.

The record is characterized by repeated time signatures that give a 'progressive' feeling. Sax and organ bring a specific jazzy element in the performance and the unique high bluesy voice of Viona is very recognizable. All this supported by a solid rhythm team which gives a rock sound. The album was housed in a beautiful very original fold-out cover made by Jef Winnepenninckx. He knew Mad Curry from local café’s in Leuven like The Harp, Seven ox, etc..
He  says now, his inspiration for the cover was a spur of the moment. But the cover represents the craziness of the music. It was his first work he made as a designer. These days he is a professor at St Lucas art school in Brussels. The band played many concerts in Belgium, France & Holland. The Paradiso gig in Amsterdam was regarded by some members as a ‘highlight‘. The ‘success’ there was because of the fact that everybody was lying stoned on the ground after the gig ended!

A second album was written & prepared. However the touring and personal conflicts took their toll and in mid-1971 Mad Curry disbanded and the second album stayed unrecorded.

After Mad Curry (1971 -   )

Viona Westra (vocals) wrote some songs with Danny Rousseau but they stayed unreleased. She became active in several bands like the folk-oriented Stainless steel, Sonny Zandueta, Milkshake banana and jazz solo projects. Later she worked for Belgium TV as presenter for the local Leuven TV station, journalist, and did music for theatre and several social projects for third world aid. She sings now in the Viona Westra trio. Answer to the question, Mad curry 1 more time: ‘I would be the last to say no’.

Jean Andore / Vandooren (bass) and Eddy Kane / Verdonck(drums) played in together in Louisette a band with Raymond Van het Groenewoud. They recorded Maria, Maria. Several bands followed after Louisette like: Raymond van het Groenewoud, Split, Kris De Bruyne, Luk Tegenbos smartlappen ensemble.

After being out of music for 20 years they played together again in the blues band Kat’s Rollers. Only Jean Vandooren still plays in this band now.

He works for an insurance company. Answer to the question, Mad curry 1 more time ‘Thanks for building the site. Now a live gig and we have come full circle.

Eddy Kane / Verdonck (drums)  After Louisette , Raymond van het Groenewoud, Split, Kris De Bruyne, Steve Turksin band, Kat’s Rollers & now Indigo Ratz.

Eddy writes his own songs now for Indigo Ratz a funky jazzrock band. They will record a demotape in October 2004 in a professional studio. He works in a building construction firm. Answer to the question, Mad curry 1 more time: ‘that would be fantastic; a dream would come true’

Danny Rousseau (organ) is a professional musician. He writes arrangements for well known Flemish artists like Nicole & Hugo, Marc Dex, Jacques Raymond, Lily Castel, Katrien Gallaz. He plays live with New sound and works together with Eddy Kane on his demo’s for Indigo Ratz. He is still a professional musician.

Answer to the question, Mad curry 1 more time: ‘Yes why not?’

Giorgio Chitschenko (sax) recorded an album in the 70’s with Shampoo, also a jazzy rock band. On their album a Mad Curry track ‘Music, the reason of our happiness’ reappeared as ‘Some reason’. He played with Hearts of soul & Dreamexpress. With this band he played in 1977 at the Eurovision song contest. They had a lot of success & played all over Europe.  Later he played sax on a second demo CD from Indigo Ratz, a band with Mad Curry drummer Eddy Kane.

These days he’s working on jazzy, funky, bluesy & warm project he started 7 years ago. He works now as a bus driver.

Answer to the question, Mad curry 1 more time: ‘no…… not for me…well maybe … I’ll consider it..’ 



Summer 2004: All Mad Curry members interviewed for a new website:

In November 2004 small article appeared in UK magazine Record collector about Mad Curry & this site

TO BE CONTINUED?????????  


Herman Permentier August 2004.




On 24th February 4 Mad curry met each other again after 36 years.

They decided that evening to start with rehearsals.

On 29 March 2006 the news about a reunion was launched via the site &

Belga press agency


Permentier Herman






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